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Mysterious Origins of Insects

   2024    Science    HD
The film explores the eye-opening realm of these creatures to better understand how they evolved. Travelling from the rain forests of French Guiana to the Arctic Ocean, scientists use traditional and cutting edge techniques to examine both modern insects and the fossil record in their search for a single common insect ancestor. Insects are vital to life on our planet, yet almost 40% of known species are in danger of extinction.
Insects are the most diverse group of organisms on Earth. The true number of species is unknown, but some estimates suggest that only a fraction have been identified. They have successfully adapted to every ecosystem on our planet. But insects still harbour many mysteries. Where do they come from? When did they first appear on Earth? How and why have they diversified and multiplied so successfully? At a time when certain insect species are in danger of extinction and there is greater interest in their role within ecosystems, this is the fascinating story of their origins.

The Man with 1000 Kids

   2024    Culture
A group of families learn the charismatic man they had trusted is sperm donor to hundreds —or perhaps thousands— of other children across the world. In this gripping and complete three episode series Jonathan Meijer, a Dutch YouTuber, is accused of fathering more than 500 children and defrauded people across the globe.
Series: The Man with 1000 Kids

Queen: The Band that Rocked the World

   2020    Art
Queen, the world's reigning rock champions, have captivated audiences for over five decades with their groundbreaking music and electrifying performances. From their humble beginnings in the suburbs of West London to their rise as rock legends, Queen has crafted some of the most iconic moments in rock history. Their hits, including the revolutionary ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ continue to resonate with fans worldwide. This documentary takes you on a thrilling journey through Queen's greatest moments, highlighting their indelible mark on music and culture.
Join us as we delve into the band's phenomenal story, exploring their meteoric rise, their unparalleled showmanship, and the profound impact of their legendary frontman, Freddie Mercury. Witness Queen's remarkable journey from their formation to their unforgettable Live Aid performance, and experience the magic of their music that has stood the test of time. Whether you're a lifelong fan or new to their music, this documentary offers an intimate look at the band's legacy, their innovative sound, and the unforgettable moments that cemented their place in rock and roll immortality.

The Dark Ages

       History    HD
Join us on an unforgettable voyage through one of the most desolate periods in human history as the rulers, conflicts, and cataclysmic societal breakdown of Early Middle Ages are brought to light. At its height in the second century A.D., the Roman Empire was the beacon of learning, trade, power and prosperity in the western world. But the once-powerful Rome--rotten to the core by the fifth century--lay open to barbarian warriors who came in wave after wave of invasion, slaughtering, stealing, and ultimately, settling. As chaos replaced culture, Europe was beset by famine, plague, persecutions, and a state of war that was so persistent it was only rarely interrupted by peace.
The documentary profiles those who battled to shape the future, from the warlords whose armies threatened to case the demise of European society, like Alaric, Charles the Hammer, and Clovis; to the men and women who valiantly tended the flames of justice, knowledge, and innovation including Charlemagne, St. Benedict, Empress Theodora, and other brave souls who fought for peace and enlightenment. It was in the shadows of this turbulent millennium that the seeds of modern civilization were sown.

Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History

   2022    Nature    HD
Stephen Fry embarks on a fascinating journey to discover the stories behind some of the world’s most fantastic beasts. Discover the magic and mystery behind humanity's timeless fascination with mythical creatures in this captivating documentary. Journey through history to uncover the origins of legendary beasts that have captured our imaginations for centuries. Why do these fantastical beings still enchant us in today's world of science and technology? This film reveals the hidden truths behind the myths, showing how real animals often inspired these legendary tales.
Embark on an exhilarating adventure to uncover the secrets of beloved mythical creatures, from dragons and unicorns to the phoenix and the elusive Loch Ness Monster. Explore the labyrinthine corridors of the Natural History Museum, meet experts who shed light on ancient legends, and see how cutting-edge technology brings these creatures to life on the big screen. This documentary offers a mesmerizing blend of history, science, and fantasy, showing that the natural world holds wonders that rival even the most magical beasts. Don't miss this enchanting exploration that will leave you questioning what might still be out there, waiting to be discovered.

I Am: Celine Dion

   2024    History
Dive into the captivating world of one of pop music's most iconic and successful artists, Canada's very own Celine Dion, in this must-see documentary. Experience an intimate and revealing journey through the highs and lows of Celine's illustrious career and personal life. As she bravely opens up about her battle with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a challenging and life-altering condition, viewers are given an unprecedented glimpse into her resilience and determination to keep performing for her adoring fans.
Explore her couture wardrobe, personal tour items, and time in the recording studio, and witness the raw and honest moments that define the superstar's unyielding spirit. This documentary offers an unparalleled behind-the-scenes look at Celine Dion's inspiring fight and unwavering passion for her craft.
Human Universe

Human Universe

2014  History
Seven Ages of Rock

Seven Ages of Rock

2007  Art
Reel Rock

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2011  Culture
Leaving Neverland

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The Super Models

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