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Revelations and Revolutions

   2014    Science
Electricity is not just something that creates heat and light, it connects the world through networks and broadcasting. After centuries of man's experiments with electricity, the final episode tells the story of how a new age of real understanding dawned - how we discovered electric fields and electromagnetic waves. Today we can hardly imagine life without electricity - it defines our era. As our understanding of it has increased so has our reliance upon it, and today we are on the brink of a new breakthrough, because if we can understand the secret of electrical superconductivity, we could once again transform the world.
Series: Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity

Expanded Horizons

   2018    Science
Dr Hannah Fry travels down the fastest zip wire in the world to learn more about Newton's ideas on gravity. His discoveries revealed the movement of the planets was regular and predictable. James Clerk Maxwell unified the ideas of electricity and magnetism, and explained what light was. As if that wasn't enough, he also predicted the existence of radio waves. His tools of the trade were nothing more than pure mathematics. All strong evidence for maths being discovered.
But in the 19th century, maths is turned on its head when new types of geometry are invented. No longer is the kind of geometry we learned in school the final say on the subject. If maths is more like a game, albeit a complicated one, where we can change the rules, surely this points to maths being something we invent - a product of the human mind. To try and answer this question, Hannah travels to Halle in Germany on the trail of perhaps one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century, Georg Cantor. He showed that infinity, far from being infinitely big, actually comes in different sizes, some bigger than others. This increasingly weird world is feeling more and more like something we've invented. But if that's the case, why is maths so uncannily good at predicting the world around us? Invented or discovered, this question just got a lot harder to answer.
Series: Magic Numbers

Energy Revolutions

   2020    Technology
Over the last years, the world has experienced an energy revolution, driven by an urgent need to green the grid and save life on Earth as we know it. 50 years ago, a devastating oil crisis kicked off an energy revolution. The world set course to cut the costly habit of burning fossil fuels. With the urgent new threat of a changing climate, the drive to unleash the power of the sun, earth and wind has accelerated into a race for humanity's survival. Change is taken place but, is it happening fast enough to secure our future? Technologies are right here, right now, and they will enable the transition to 100% renewables, because winning the energy race means a win for the entire world.
Series: The Great Acceleration


   2020    Culture
As the journey continues, there's beauty and danger in equal measure. Charley and Ewan travel through the extraordinary Bolivian desert, but the sandy roads make all more difficult. The duo ride their electric bikes through the exotic and breathtaking countryside and all the way making a challenging ascent. The riders stay in a hotel made entirely out of salt before heading to La Paz. 'Bolivia' also shows some quality work done by UNICEF when it comes to educating and working with the children. McGregor and Boorman spend time with the kids before resuming their journey and ending with a ferry ride over lake Titicaca.
Series: Long Way Up

The Electric Brain

   2018    Medicine
The nervous system is fundamentally electric. When we move our arm, it moves because a electric signal has been sent to the muscle that controls it. Now, because the brain is electric, we could also use electricity to record what the brain is doing or bypass it entirely, and control a body. That means that we could restore movement to people who are paralyzed, feel through an artificial hand as if it was our own, and even read people's minds.
Michael Stevens explores how electricity can be used to move cockroaches, control other peoples' limbs and even read peoples' thoughts.
Series: Mind Field Season 2


   2020    Technology
Global CO2 emissions coming from aviation will go from about 2% to, by 2050, something closer to 20%. Technology is the only key to open up a brighter future that can be sustainable at the same time. The way we fly is about to change, driven by a new breed of aviators not afraid to think differently. From clean, green electric aircraft to autonomous sky taxis, could the days of the jet age be numbered?
Series: Engineering the Future
Seven Ages of Rock

Seven Ages of Rock

2007  Art


2020  Culture
Leaving Neverland

Leaving Neverland

2019  Culture
Future of Work

Future of Work

2021  Technology


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