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II Asia

   2019    Nature
Asia, the largest and most extreme continent on Earth, is home to animals that inhabit the world's hottest deserts, tallest jungles, and highest mountains. Explore the enchanting world of Asia's wildlife in a captivating film that showcases its extraordinary creatures, from the intriguing vocalizations of the Sumatran rhinoceros to the majestic whale shark. However, it also sheds light on the pressing issues of deforestation, particularly due to the palm oil industry, which threatens the survival of countless species, including the iconic orangutan. Witness the efforts of researchers and conservationists dedicated to protecting these endangered animals in reserves like Gunung Palung National Park.
This documentary serves as a poignant reminder of our shared responsibility to safeguard our planet's remarkable biodiversity. Don't miss this visually stunning and informative journey through Asia's diverse landscapes and the urgent call for conservation.
Series: Seven Worlds One Planet

Golden Balls

   2023    History
In the third episode of the series, his experience upon joining Real Madrid for the 2003/2004 season is depicted. The episode begins with Beckham receiving a surprising invitation to join Real Madrid, and it narrates his emotions and concerns as he embarks on his career at the club, particularly under a coach who didn't initially want him on his former team. Beckham describes the intense pressure and expectations he faced upon joining Real Madrid, a club with passionate fans who consider the team as a religion.
As the season progresses, Beckham grapples with adapting to his new team, facing challenges such as competition for his position and constant media and fan pressure. However, as he gradually acclimates, he begins to earn the respect and affection of his teammates and showcases his prowess on the field. The episode highlights a pivotal moment in his home debut when Beckham scores a celebrated goal, solidifying his place at Real Madrid. Additionally, it delves into the relationship between Beckham and his wife Victoria during this life transition and how his family provided support during this challenging period.
Series: Beckham

Curse of the Cosmic Rays

   2022    Sicence
Cosmic rays capable of destroying human DNA are hurtling through outer space like subatomic bullets, causing space crews radiation damage.
Cosmic rays are intergalactic alien interlopers on our Milky Way. But the source of their power is a mystery. Are they coming from other galaxies? Are they coming from things in between the galaxies? Where do cosmic rays come from? Truth is, the most powerful ones, we haven't got a clue. The race is on to solve the mystery of the fastest particles in the universe.
Series: How the Universe Works Season 10

The Homeless

   2022    History
The Chicago Tribune in late June of '42 reports the mass killing of Jews. Like many other newspapers, the Tribune puts it on page 6 or 7 in a tiny, little article. You either missed it, or if you saw it, you would say the editors don't think this is true. If they thought this was true, this would be on the front pages. Only a few of papers did put the story on the front page, including the Pittsburgh Courier.
The dominant idea in the American government is any act of rescue will be a diversion from the war effort. Both could've been done at the same time. In spite of that, a group of government officials supports and finances rescue operations. Allied soldiers begin to liberate concentration camps and find mass graves. The public sees the sheer scale of the Holocaust.
Series: The U.S. and the Holocaust

China Mystery Ships

   2022    Technology
As the world enters a phase of aggressive competition over untapped ocean floor resources, countries are scrambling to stake their claims. The vast economic potential on offer has made the seabed the ultimate frontier in a new Age of Exploration. China's research vessels in particular have been active in waters right across the globe. Through our exhaustive analysis of huge volumes of Chinese ship tracking data, from sand dredgers to survey vessels, we piece together a puzzle that reveals a new hidden power struggle over increasingly critical submarine resources.

Gold Digger

   2022    Culture
Nathan and Angela accelerate their parenting rehearsal with three-year-old, then six-year-old actors portraying their fake son, 'Adam'. Angela refuses to participate in Halloween due to her belief in Satanic conspiracies.
Nathan balances parenting duties with a rehearsal for Patrick, a man who wants to confront his brother over their late grandfather's will, which bans Patrick from inheriting money if he is dating a 'gold digger'. The rehearsal occurs in a replica Raising Cane's restaurant in a warehouse next to the relocated Alligator Lounge. To introduce real emotions to the rehearsal, Nathan stages a scenario to convince Patrick that he could inherit buried gold from the grandfather of Isaac, the actor who plays Patrick's brother. After Patrick has an emotional breakthrough during a rehearsal, he leaves the production and never returns. Nathan narrates that he is envious that self-deception is easy for some people as he ponders his fake family.
Series: The Rehearsal
Becoming Martian

Becoming Martian

2021  Technology
Life on Our Planet

Life on Our Planet

2023  Science


2022  Nature
How to Change Your Mind

How to Change Your Mind

2022  Medicine
Reel Rock

Reel Rock

2014  Culture
Clarkson Farm Season 2

Clarkson Farm Season 2

2023  Nature
Hidden Kingdoms

Hidden Kingdoms

2014  Nature
Generation Iron

Generation Iron

2018  History