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One Strange Rock



   2018    Science
We sure lucked out with Planet Earth. Blue skies, rolling hills, water everywhere. But our home didn't come like this out of the box. Earth was a real fixer-upper, and it took some seriously hard work to build this paradise. Nearly four billion years of renovation. Some tiny, some huge, to make this house a home. Creatures on Earth don't just live and die. They actually change the world around them.
The story of how for nearly 4 billion years, microbes, plants and animals have emerged and sculpted the planet's surface and atmosphere in the strangest of ways.


   2018    Science
Every day Astronomers are finding a new planetary system that looks pretty similar to Earth. The possibilities of life somewhere else other than Earth I think are very high. If there is life out there what would it be like? Could we talk to it? Is there anything out there like you and me? To find out, we can't just look into space, we also need to look down here.
The story of how a miraculous event transformed life on Earth into a complex interconnected food web; Astronauts and experts question other intelligent life in the universe.


   2018    Medicine
What makes us human is the squishy triple-pounder inside our heads. It lets us build skyscrapers, and lift a special few of us into space. We are the only species on this planet that can construct realities in our mind and then go actually build it. The story of how our mind evolved on this one strange rock is one of chance, coincidence and impossible odds.
This episode is an investigation into the mystery of the human brain and the chain of events that produced the anomaly of human intelligence.


   2018    Science
This is our home, the earth it's, it's the only place we've got. It is one strange rock because it's ours and we are here and we don't know if any other place in the universe, yet, that can support life. We're very lucky to have it as our home.
Astronauts including the legendary Peggy Whitson, who spent 665 days in space, speak about how their concepts of home have changed since their experience.