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Fierce Queens


Fierce Queens: Growing Up

   2020    Nature
Reese Witherspoon hosts this nature series that explores the fabulous females of the animal kingdom. From ants to cheetahs, these ladies call the shots in their world and sit at the top of the social hierarchy earning them the title 'Fierce Queens'. In the first episode, Reese takes us on a journey with two teenage cheetah sisters, coming of age in the wild and learning how to work together to survive.

Faking It

   2020    Nature
Reese Witherspoon explains the world of female Macaques, who use sexually ways to ensure their baby monkeys will grow up with strong male protectors. These females have helped to shape one of the most caring primate societies on earth.

Desert Empire

   2020    Nature
There is one miniature fierce queen, hardly bigger than a grain of rice. Enter the fascinating, and sometimes brutal world of honey ants, struggling not just for survival, but power - all in service of their fearless leader, the queen. Her story has it all-- ambition, murder, and a great army of female warriors on the rampage.

Gender Swap

   2020    Nature
One extraordinary family of fish has achieved the ultimate form of gender equality. When it comes to breeding, seahorses do it like no other animal on the planet. Their fierce females refuse to be left holding the baby. So it's the males that carry their brood. In this episode we explore the world of mating seahorses which are the only animals in the world that have a major gender role reversal.

Girl Power

   2020    Nature
The plains of Africa, home to a powerful predator where females rule: spotted hyena. They have a reputation as dim-witted scavengers. But these fierce queens are the opposite; strong, fearless and highly intelligent. Hyenas are the girl gang of the Savannah. They hunt in packs, get first bite of their prey, and outrank every male in their group, making them some of Africa's most fierce queens.