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The Internet Whisperers

   2018    Medicine
In the Youtube video galaxy a new star has been born: the ASMR videos. It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and refers to the pleasant feeling that users associate with this type of digital content. The physical reaction also changes significantly from individual to individual and people reportedly experience a pleasant feeling of tingling in the scalp, which can spread to the shoulders and back, and usually be accompanied by a feeling of relaxation and generalised well-being. The intensity of the response can also be very strong, so much so that some have used the word 'braingasm', literally 'brain orgasm' to express the feeling.
It's likely that you've already heard about it, but if not, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about it. Especially because, for the first time, it seems that the benefits of ASMR videos have been scientifically proven.

Black Survivalists

   2018    Culture
This episode looks at a group of black survivalists. British Buzzfeed correspondent Bim Adewunmi looks at an unusual group of doomsday preppers who don't fit the normal stereotype for that group. She interviews people of color who train themselves to prepare for disaster.

Men Rights

   2018    Culture
The films looks at the world of men's rights activists. Buzzfield reporter Scaachi Koul talks about her personal online encounters with the aggressive anti-feminist movement and talks to an expert who describes them as misogynistic. She talks to a female men's rights activist to find out what she has to say. She also looks at programs that try to help men without blaming women.