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Human: The World Within



   2021    Medicine
The series explores the incredible universe inside each and every one of us. Through an examination of diverse personal stories from around the world, Human reveals how our everyday lives, our passions, and our goals are powered by the amazing systems that define our biology as a species.
The first episode goes on a journey with parents who are preparing for new life to see how our bodies create and sustain new life. Through their stories we learn about what is fundamentally shared and absolutely unique about the experience of birth.


   2021    Medicine
What's behind a pulse? The second episode dives into the world of an ice climber, a bus driver, a woman in labor, and a senior dance club to show how the human heart and the circulatory system power our physical and emotional lives, and create the pulsing rhythm of our world.


   2021    Medicine
The episode is a journey through the human gut and the process of turning food into energy to keep the body going. Humans have turned eating into culture, a way to celebrate our roots, to bring us together. But food is really just one thing: Fuel. It's where you get the power to live your life. Even when you're sitting completely still, your body needs a lot of energy to stay on. But nowhere is the need for fuel more apparent than when you push yourself to the absolute limit. And the microbiome, the bacteria living in our gut, plays a great role in all this.


   2021    Medicine
A look into how the body defends itself against all odds through the stories of a nature survivalist, rancher twins, a doctor who survived Ebola and a cancer therapy recipient. The Immune System, essential to our survival every second, is the most complex and least understood piece of our biology.


   2021    Medicine
How do the five senses really work? In fact, there are many more than five, and they all work together to create our own version of reality. We dive into the stories of a pairs figure skating team, a perfumer, a cave explorer, and a musician to decipher how different ways of sensing the world all create their own vivid, and unique, picture.
This episode explores the world of human sensation and how it defines reality.