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Wonders of Life


What is Life

   2013    Science
From the Philippines to the US, Madagascar and Mexico, Professor Brian Cox explores the globe to reveal how a few fundamental laws of science gave birth to the most complex and unique feature of the universe - life. In the first episode, Brian journeys to the volcanic landscapes of South-East Asia, seeking to understand how life first began and how that spark has endured to this day.

Expanding Universe

   2013    Science
Brian travels across the US and encounters some astonishing creatures that reveal how the senses evolved. It is a story that takes him through life's journey, from single-celled organisms to sentient beings.

Endless Forms Most Beautiful

   2013    Nature
Brian asks how, from a lifeless cosmos, it is possible that a planet can produce the more than eight million species we know of.

Size Matters

   2013    Science
Brian explores the physics of the size of life through some close encounters with Australia's wildlife. From swimming with great white sharks to tracking red kangaroos, he discovers that the size you are profoundly affects the life you lead and, ultimately, how long you have to enjoy it.

Wonders of Life: Home

   2013    Nature
Brian considers what it is about our world that makes it a home for life and asks what ingredients were necessary to transform this once barren planet into the Earth we know today? He reveals that it was a rare chain of events combined with the power of life itself that have made Earth unique amongst the cosmos.