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Fascination Coral Reef

   2013    Nature    3D
Enter the fascinating world of the coral reefs and experience breath taking flora and fauna up close. The multitude of marine species, commencing with glassy sweepers, blow and porcupine fish, goliath groupers, giant morays, sea turtles up to the largest shark on earth, the whale shark, as well as the play of colours and the biodiversity of the corals, stony star corals, soft corals, bubble-tip anemones and gorgonian corals. Let yourself fall into a rapture of the deep. All in glorious 3D

Speed of Life

   2021    Nature
Will Smith discovers hidden worlds of fast and slow in the Earth's oldest desert. Worlds where things go so fast or so slow we don't even know they're happening. This hidden world of speed is everywhere, even 80 feet underwater. Hundreds of tiny anemones, anchored to the rocks, but film them patiently, then speed it up, and this miniature world comes to life. A lizard's tongue is one of the fastest movements in the entire animal kingdom. An orca creates a shock wave by slapping her tail and that pulse can travel through the water at more than a thousand miles an hour. to stuns the herrings she hunts.
Series: Welcome to Earth

The First Frontier

   2023    Science
The second episode of the series immerses the viewer in a fascinating journey through the history of life on our planet, focusing on the evolution and adaptation of life in the seas. It begins billions of years ago, when the Earth was an inhospitable place and life was impossible on the surface due to a hostile environment. The documentary highlights how, beneath the waves, life began to flourish, protected from storms and other elements of nature. It addresses the development of photosynthesis by plankton and how this led to a significant change in the Earth's atmosphere, allowing the emergence of animal life.
This visually stunning narrative chronicles the evolution of various forms of marine life, from the earliest complex life forms to the appearance of the first fish and cephalopods. The documentary shows how marine life has influenced terrestrial life, emphasizing the impact of the 'greening' of planet Earth.
Series: Life on Our Planet