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Taking To The Air

   2005    Nature
As the early June sun begins to set over a calm river in Central Hungary, masses of ghostly shapes emerge from their larval cases to take to the air for the first time. They are mayflies and in a spectacular display, thousands of them demonstrate how the very first wings were used. From the stunning aerobatics of hoverflies in an English garden to the mass migration of purple crow butterflies in the valleys of Taiwan, this episode tells the tale of the first animals ever to take to the air. Unique footage reveals the lightning fast reactions of bluebottles and hoverflies, filmed with one of the world's fastest cameras, and Sir David Attenborough handles the world's largest (and perhaps most ferocious) insect - the Titan beetle.
Series: Life in the Undergrowth

Impossible Journeys

   2022    Nature
When animals can tap into remarkable senses and supernatural skills, crossing the globe, even moving between worlds to find a mate, safety and food, they become truly unstoppable.
Series: Super/Natural

V Europe

   2019    Nature
David Attenborough explores the continent of Europe - a crowded continent transformed by mankind, capturing the challenges and triumphs of its wildlife. The documentary showcases remarkable scenes, from pelicans engaging in coordinated fishing tactics to the resilient Iberian lynx fighting for survival. Amidst Europe's evolving environment shaped by human impact, it emphasizes the importance of protecting wilderness to ensure the future of the continent's precious wildlife.
We will watch surprising encounters with elusive predators like wolves and lynxes living remarkably close to human communities. The documentary offers a unique glimpse into the intricacies of Europe's ecosystems and the delicate balance between its inhabitants and the changing world around them.
Series: Seven Worlds One Planet

Wild Isles: Freshwater

   2023    Nature
This episode takes you on an enchanting journey through the vital waterways of Britain and Ireland. From the serene reed-beds of Somerset to the bustling ecosystems of Scotland's lochs, the film unveils the intricate dance of life sustained by freshwater. Marvel at the agility of dragonflies and the aerial prowess of hobbies, witness the arduous journey of Atlantic salmon as they return to their birthplaces to spawn, and observe the fascinating life cycle of the mayfly. Discover the impact of reintroduced beavers in Scotland, creating new wetlands that buzz with life. The episode doesn't shy away from showcasing the challenges these ecosystems face, from climate change to pollution, emphasizing the delicate balance that sustains these vibrant freshwater habitats.
‘Freshwater’ is a mesmerizing ode to the streams, rivers, and lakes that are the lifeblood of the Britain and Ireland isles, supporting a diverse array of life in one of the planet's most beautiful settings.
Series: Wild Isles
Life on Our Planet

Life on Our Planet

2023  Science


2023  History
Mind Field Season 1

Mind Field Season 1

2017  Medicine


2009  Nature
The Big Conn

The Big Conn

2022  Culture