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Earthflight Africa

   2012    Nature
Fly over Africa on the back of a vulture and see the most animal-packed continent with fresh eyes. Arrow-dive with cape gannets among sharks, dolphins and whales as they join the great sardine run. Soar with fish eagles as they discover an S-shaped living island comprised entirely of flamingos, and join them on a spectacular hunt. Fly with kelp gulls as they study the hunting behaviour of the greatest underwater predator of all: the great white shark. On the wings of eagles, fly through the mist-filled Victoria Falls and dive for fish in the mighty Zambezi. Circle with vultures high above the Serengeti as they watch the drama of the wildebeest migration below, and discover what happens when this canny scavenger suddenly becomes prey. Among toxic soda lakes, find out what it is like to be a flamingo, vulnerable to every predator on the continent, including baboons and hyenas. Join these flamingos as they take part in one of the most beautiful dances in the bird world. This is Africa as never seen before - from the wings of birds
Series: Earthflight


   2011    Nature
Africa's wildest river is home to the most spectacular wildlife. Hippos fight for territory while herds of elephant, water buffalo and zebra depend on it for life. In the wet season the rains burst the riverbanks and everyone, including people, must move whilst fish swim through the villages. In the dry season the creatures fight over the few pools of water while predators prowl. At its heart it plunges over Victoria Falls and into wild ravines before draining into the Indian Ocean, where storm clouds cycle the water back into the heart of Africa.
Series: Natural World

Dynasties: Painted wolf

   2018    Nature
In the world of painted wolves, a remarkable family saga unfolds. It's a gripping tale of fierce rivalry, cunning survival, and complex social dynamics. Two leading figures, Tait and Blacktip, lead their respective packs through the wild landscapes of the Zambezi Valley. But what happens when a new generation challenges the old? The struggle for dominance and territory is set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing environment. As painted wolves face habitat loss, their future hangs in the balance.
This episode offers a captivating and emotional journey through the lives of these incredible creatures, showcasing their unique communication and social structure. Will they be able to hold their place among Africa's great hunters, or will the challenges prove insurmountable? Don't miss the chance to witness this unforgettable story.
Series: Dynasties