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Flying High

   2012    Nature
To fly like a bird, Earthflight not only captured remarkable images of wild flocks but also relied on some extraordinary relationships between people and birds. Filmed over four years, in six continents and more than 40 countries, the Earthflight team used many extraordinary techniques. For some of the unique flying shots, members of the team became part of the flock. The birds followed wherever they went - even in a microlight over Edinburgh and London. In Africa, paragliders floated alongside wild vultures, while a model vulture carried a camera inside the flock. In South America, wild-living macaws, that were rescued as babies, still come back to visit their 'foster mother' as he travels along a jungle river. In Africa, a radio-controlled 'drone' silently infiltrates masses of pink flamingos without disturbing a feather, and microlights and helicopters capture the dramatic moment white storks arrive over Istanbul. In Africa a tame vulture carried a camera across the African bush and recreated the behaviour of his wild relatives. Similarly, in the USA, a flock of hand-reared snow geese followed the migration route of wild flocks and took in the sights and sounds of New York - managing to get lost in Brooklyn
Series: Earthflight

Ivan Orkin

   2017    Art
Ivan Orkin, the brash, white, Jewish guy from New York who made his name as one of the best ramen makers on the planet has an unorthodox story. That means no tweezer food, plenty of swear words, no slow shots of the chef communing with nature. He was a problem child, fell in love with Japan, fell in love with cooking, suffered personal tragedy, and found his reason for being and his ultimate success in Tokyo.
Series: Chef's Table

Finding Their Voice

   2020    Culture
Arrested and charged in 2019 with child sex trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein took his own life while behind bars in a federal prison of New York City in unclear circumstances. Many claim that Epstein had an international sex trafficking ring and he would take a lot of people down. Epstein signed a will two days before he committed suicide to move his money over to the Virgin Islands. It made it much more difficult for the victims to get restitution. Nor would the survivors see him in jail for life. But the judge was going to let some of the victims have their day in court.
Series: Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

New York

   2014    Art
The last episode of the series talks about the most important city in the States. Stories that go from the early 40s until today. Interviews with Rick Rubin, Emmylou, Chris Martin, LL Cool J and Barack Obama. And a real statement about what is happening with the studios business nowadays. The song 'I Am A River' is recorded during this episode.
Series: Sonic Highways

Planet Earth II Cities

   2016    Nature    HD
Cities are growing at a faster rate than any other habitat on Earth. They may seem an unlikely place for animals to thrive, but they can be a world of surprising opportunity. Leopards prowl the streets of Mumbai, peregrine falcons hunt amongst New York's skyscrapers, and a million starlings perform spectacular aerial dances over Rome. In Jodhpur, langurs are revered as religious deities and in Harar, locals live in harmony with wild hyenas. Many animals, however, struggle to cope in the urban jungle. As the architects of this environment, can humans choose to build cities that are homes for both them and wildlife?
Series: Planet Earth II

Planet Earth III: Human

   2023    Nature
This featured episode of the documentary series takes viewers on a captivating journey around the world, showcasing the astonishing ways in which animals adapt to living alongside humans. In Sauraha, Nepal, a rhino navigates through human-inhabited areas in search of food. In Bali, long-tailed macaques have learned to trade stolen items for food, demonstrating their intelligence and adaptability. The bustling streets of New York City are home to pavement ants that thrive on human leftovers, while in India, revered cobras coexist with humans in a unique cultural relationship.
Melbourne, Australia, features nocturnal frogmouths benefiting from urban lighting for hunting, and Lake Tahoe in North America sees black bears adapting to easy food sources in human settlements. The documentary also delves into the challenges faced by wildlife due to human expansion and climate change. It highlights the plight of African elephants in Kenya conflicting with farmers, the impact of overfishing on humpback whales in Vancouver Island, and the dramatic increase of desert locusts in northeastern Africa due to climate-induced conditions.
The episode concludes by emphasizing the importance of reimagining our relationship with nature. It suggests a shift towards plant-based diets to reduce agricultural land use and the potential of vertical farming technologies, offering hope and solutions for a sustainable coexistence with wildlife.
Series: Planet Earth III
Planet Dinosaur

Planet Dinosaur

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The Human Body

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The Crime of the Century

The Crime of the Century

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