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   2021    Technology
Frontline and service workers have borne the health consequences of the pandemic, increasing racial and economic disparities. Certain robotic and AI applications are accelerating as the value of human workers is further questioned. Determining the likely areas of job growth and training needs is difficult. Post-secondary education has become more virtual and its costs, more controversial. How can we predict job growth, training needs and the role of education in order to prepare for the work of the future?
Series: Future of Work

The Crow

   2020    Art
Years after Bruce Lee's mysterious death is attributed to the 'Lee Family Curse', his son Brandon's life was cut short due to a tragic on-set accident during the making of The Crow. As Lee had finished most of his scenes before his death, the film was completed through script rewrites, a stunt double, and digital effects. The Crow is dedicated to Brandon Lee and his fiancée, Eliza Hutton.
Series: Cursed Films

Descent Into Darkness

   2021    Nature
In the second episode, Will Smith descends 3,300 feet to the bottom of the ocean in a deep-water submersible, where even fewer people have gone than outer space. Along the way down, Will and explorer Diva Amon investigate how colour is used in the natural world and the role of bioluminescence. In the oceans, nearly 80 percent of animals use bioluminescence in some way, possibly the most common form of communication on the planet.
Series: Welcome to Earth

Mind of the Swarm

   2021    Nature
In the third episode, Will Smith crosses the Serengeti to catch one of the greatest events of nature. "An image, one and a half million wildebeests on the plains of Africa in the most dramatic migration on Earth, has stayed with me since around thirty years ago I picked up a National Geographic Magazine and saw it. And finally, I'm here to see it."
Series: Welcome to Earth

Power of Scent

   2021    Nature
On the trail of tiger sharks in the Pacific, Will Smith explores the power of smell. Sharks have a sense of smell that's hundreds of times more potent and accurate than that of humans. An enormous part of their brain is dedicated to smelling, to finding their way through the vast expanse of the ocean.
Series: Welcome to Earth

The School

   2017    Culture
Former students of Archbishop Keough High School reveal allegations of sexual abuse by Father Joseph Maskell, the chaplain of the school. It details the personal story of 'Jane Doe' (Jean Hargadon Wehner) who claims that Father Maskell took her to see the dead body of Sister Catherine Cesnik in Lansdowne, Maryland.
Series: The Keepers