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The Conclusion

   2017    Culture
Charles Franz talks about his relationship with Father Maskell as a young student and reveals what he knows about the Church’s involvement with Maskell. Cathy’s sister sees the necklace given by Edgar Davidson and questions if it has significance.
Potential DNA and evidence could exist for the crime, and the police might be forced to act. A push for victims’ rights in Maryland goes to a committee but getting justice might be more difficult... and time doesn’t stand still for anyone.
Series: The Keepers


   2020    History
Located in Central America, Tikal is one of the largest of the ancient cities of the Mayan civilization. Occupied for more than a millennium, Tikal, founded in the 8th century BC and nestled in the jungle of Guatemala, will have up to 12,000 structures and reach over 2 million inhabitants.
This episode shows its extraordinary pyramid-temples, designed with human power alone. Thanks to new technologies, the ancient Mayan city is revealed there, entirely reconstituted in 3D synthetic images.
Series: Megapolis: The Ancient World

Special Operations

   2021    Technology
We learn as much from victory as we do from loss. We employ strategies to gain the advantage, unconventional methods to overwhelm adversaries. One dedicated force steeped in mystique has always been part of war. Special operations, elite and unseen. Their presence felt by lethal attack. From the biblical era to the future of warfare, the battle environment is reshaped and redefined by special operations. Special Operations soldiers have come out of the trenches and are entering new domains of warfare.
Series: Future Warfare

Desert Worlds

   2022    Nature
Plants that have developed to thrive in the desert, including cacti that grow in the shade of other trees and collect water in pleated trunks that expand and contract - but can also find themselves a host to other plants, like desert mistletoe. This programme also reveals how tobacco plants being eaten by caterpillars are able to summon the creatures' natural predators, and how tumbleweeds roll across the landscape, only unfurling and growing when they encounter rain.
Series: The Green Planet

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

   2022    Culture
Eric C. Conn became a local celebrity and maybe even became heroic in the eyes of the people they were helping. He put up billboards all over the county and his parties were legendary. Conn took monthly vacations to exotic locations as a sex tourist and his 16 marriages were the talk of the town.
In the third episode, a new U.S. attorney begins working the case. Things take a dark turn when several of Conn's former clients share their experiences. Wanted by the FBI, chased by the authorities, the story soon spirals into a twisty-turny thriller. That’s no coincidence either, given Conn mentions numerous times that he likens himself to James Bond. James Bond with a dash of Robin Hood.
Series: The Big Conn

Women and Children First

   2022    Technology
In the second episode, panic strikes the community as a full-blown catastrophe looms. Locals mobilize to confront the authorities and protest the nuclear power industry.
Twenty-eight hours after the accident began, the lieutenant governor appeared at a news briefing to say that the plant's owner had assured the state that 'everything is under control'. Later that day, Scranton changed his statement, saying that the situation was 'more complex than the company first led us to believe'. There were conflicting statements about radioactivity releases. Schools were closed and residents were urged to stay indoors. Farmers were told to keep their animals under cover and on stored feed.
Series: Meltdown: Three Mile Island
Frozen Planet II

Frozen Planet II

2022  Nature
Life In Cold Blood

Life In Cold Blood

2008  Nature
Walking with Cavemen

Walking with Cavemen

2003  History
The Crime of the Century

The Crime of the Century

2021  Medicine


2023  Science