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In every ocean… just beyond our shores…lives an animal with characteristics we think of as ‘human’ – intelligent, social, curious, gentle, and fierce. They build cities, use tools, and collaborate with other species to hunt. They have personalities – some are bold, while others shy. These animals can change their skin colour, texture, and body shape in a blink of an eye and see in wavelengths beyond our vision. Recent studies reveal octopuses’ consciousness, sophisticated decision-making, and unique personalities. On tropical reefs, in frigid waters, from the shoreline to the deep sea and everywhere in between, the octopus have made a home. Join us as we reveal ‘Secrets of the Octopus’.
In the first chapter, whether transforming their body shape and color to disappear or mimicking their deadliest enemy, Octopus use shape-shifting superpowers to survive.

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Secrets of the Octopus