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Beyond Utopia: Escape from North Korea

   2024    Culture
The documentary tells the story of several families as they attempt to escape oppression in North Korea, revealing a world most of us have never seen. They grew up believing their land was paradise. Now, they risk everything in escaping it. In an unforgettable film, follow them on a treacherous journey to defect from their homeland of North Korea, as the threat of severe punishment and possible execution looms over their passage.
Directed by Madeleine Gavin, the documentary centers around Pastor Seungeun Kim, a South Korean human rights activist and director of the Caleb Mission, which has rescued over 1,000 North Korean defectors since 2000.

The Last Repair Shop

   2023    Culture
Winner of the Best Documentary Short Award, the film tells the story of four unassuming heroes who ensure no student is deprived of the joy of music. It is also a reminder of how music can be the best medicine, stress reliever and even an escape from poverty.
Since 1959, Los Angeles has been one of the few United States cities to offer and fix musical instruments for its public school students at no cost. Those instruments, numbering around 80,000, are maintained at a Los Angeles downtown warehouse by a handful of craftspeople. The film profiles four of them, each specializing in an orchestra section, as well as students whose lives have been enriched by the repair shop's work. The film concludes with a performance by district alumni.

Sweden: A Gangster Paradise

   2023    Culture
The once-quiet suburbs of Sweden's major cities are the epicenter of a vicious turf war between rival gangs competing for the drug trade. The fierce competition has resulted in a series of tit-for-tat killings with almost daily shootings and bombings. More than 45 people have been shot dead so far this year. Paraic O'Brien steps onto the frontline of Sweden's deadly gang war, as the country becomes one of the most lethal for gun crime in the whole of Europe.
From the front line of its lethal drug wars, a look at how Sweden has become one of Europe's deadliest hot spots for gun crime, with shootings often committed by children.

Love on the Spectrum U.S. S2E7

   2024    Culture
This engaging and heartfelt series explores the nuanced world of individuals on the autism spectrum as they navigate the complex terrain of romantic relationships. From awkward first dates to the thrill of a first kiss, the film delicately balances the universal quest for love with the unique perspectives and experiences of its subjects. Conversations that touch on topics like sex before marriage, the importance of consent, and the struggle to meet societal expectations provide a candid look into the emotional and often misunderstood aspects of autism and dating. This poignant documentary not only sheds light on the joys and obstacles faced by those on the spectrum but also celebrates the diversity of human connection, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking to understand the depth of the human heart.
In this episode, Dani gives kissing lessons using a sweet treat. During a doggy playdate, Connor takes a big step with Emily. In Africa, Abbey and David feel the love.
Series: Love on the Spectrum U.S.

Love on the Spectrum U.S. S2E6

   2024    Culture
This series delves into the intricacies of dating and relationships among individuals on the autism spectrum, showcasing their unique challenges and triumphs in finding love and intimacy. Through a series of heartfelt encounters and conversations, it presents a candid look at the joys, uncertainties, and profound moments of connection that define the dating experience for those within this community. The documentary navigates through various dates, exploring themes of communication, sexual identity, and the search for companionship, highlighting the diverse ways individuals on the spectrum express and experience love. By giving voice to their stories, this film not only sheds light on the specific needs and perspectives of autistic individuals but also celebrates the universal human desire for connection, challenging societal perceptions and fostering a deeper understanding of autism in the context of romantic relationships.
In this episode, Dani wonders how to approach a sensitive subject with Adan. A connection blossoms during Journey's second date. Connor and Emily find a lot in common.
Series: Love on the Spectrum U.S.

Total Trust

   2023    Culture
The digital possibilities of social control in China have led to an unprecedented level of state surveillance. Through self-censorship or spying on neighbors, surveillance covers not only those perceived as a threat by the government, but increasingly and ever more totally the ordinary citizen: whether buying flowers, taking your child to school, or taking out the trash at night. Big Data and digital technologies are already being used as weapons to curtail freedoms. Step by step, the social and political behavior of the Chinese is changing.
The documentary explores, in intimate detail, digital social control in China by following the experiences of two families and a journalist. Film-maker Jialing Zhang gives an exclusive and previously impossible intimate insight into the interior of China and tells a deeply disturbing story of how the state uses technology to control its citizens as well as propaganda to convince its people to trust it. She tells a deeply disturbing story about technology, (self-) censorship and abuse of power.