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World on the Move

   2023    Nature
Welcome to the thrilling second season of ‘Our Planet’. Get ready for an astounding journey through breathtaking landscapes and fascinating wildlife. This series, with its captivating cinematography and powerful storytelling, immerses us in Earth's natural beauty and reminds us of the importance of protecting it as we face crucial challenges. Through David Attenborough's masterful narration we will connect with the magnificence of our shared home with other species and be inspired to take action to preserve its splendor. Join us in celebrating the awe-inspiring planet we call home!
Be it buffalo, polar bears, humpback whales or albatross chicks, migration is a vital survival strategy for animals to feed, reproduce and find home.
Series: Our Planet Season 2

The Most Violent Event in the Universe

   2023    Science
The collision of two supermassive black holes is the most violent event that can occur in the universe; experts explore where a black hole's energy originates and what really happens when the two most powerful objects in the cosmos clash. It is a soul-chilling, mind-crushing amount of energy. Take your ringside seat to the ultimate fight of the universe. Get ready for the final of the cosmos heavyweight championship.
Series: How the Universe Works Season 11

To End All War: Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb

   2023    Technology
The true story of physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer's journey from driven and ambitious scientist to remorseful and tormented man struck hard by the gravity of what he had done. For Oppenheimer, the successful detonation of the first atom bomb validates years of tireless work. But in this moment of seeming triumph, Oppenheimer sees before him a destructive power of almost supernatural magnitude.
The films explores how one man's brilliance, hubris and relentless drive changed the nature of war forever.

Do not Ask Do not Tell

   2023    History
In the second episode, we see the stark differences between the modern and pristine operation on the 19th floor of the Lipstick Building and what was transpiring on the relic and shopworn 17th floor, where Madoff was running his investment advisory business and where most of the fraud was orchestrated, and from where Madoff's empire branched into the hedge fund business, which began drawing unwanted scrutiny.
In his disposition, Madoff confirms the names of four significant investors, including Jeffry Picower, a shadowy and long-time client, dating back 30 years. Although Madoff never confronted Picower or discussed the matter with him, it was suspected he knew what was going on and, because of this, had the power to torment and extort Madoff while profiting substantially from his Ponzi scheme.
Series: Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street

The Instagram Effect

   2023    Technology
The story of how Instagram became the dominant force it is today, told by former staff and insiders and through powerful testimony from users who have been negatively impacted. An eye-opening documentary delving into the shadows of social media harm.
More than half of the world now uses social media, and as our global usage increases and 87% of 12-15 year olds have an account, concerns continue to be raised about how we can stay safe online, and the role social media companies play in that. The film explores how Instagram affects its users and the role big tech companies play in exacerbating issues around body image and self-harm for younger users.

Super/Natural: The Mating Game

   2022    Nature
In the quest to pass on their genes, animals use incredible skills to win a mate. And spectacular displays to beat their competition. When the fight for mates gets fierce, it could take super strength and secret powers just to keep rivals at bay. After all, when it comes to sharing your future, only the most super-powered partner will do.
Series: Super/Natural
Prehistoric America

Prehistoric America

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Follow This

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Generation Iron

Generation Iron

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