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Impossible Journeys

   2022    Nature
When animals can tap into remarkable senses and supernatural skills, crossing the globe, even moving between worlds to find a mate, safety and food, they become truly unstoppable.
Series: Super/Natural

Respect Commitment Passion

   2022    Culture
Speculation is rife as fan favourite Aubameyang is stripped of his captaincy. After a bad run of results, the mood within the Arsenal camp is low and Mikel Arteta's decisions are under scrutiny. With Aubameyang no longer training with the first team, the focus shifts to the remaining players including Brazilian player Gabriel Martinelli.
As Christmas approaches and Covid causes chaos in the league, Mikel Arteta is forced into isolation as the team prepare to face the reigning Premier League Champions, Manchester City.
Series: All or Nothing: Arsenal

Water Worlds

   2022    Nature
Water plants create some of the most beautiful, bizarre and important habitats on earth. To hold on in torrents, plants use a kind of superglue. Some are armed with vicious weapons to fight titanic battles for space. Others form perfect spheres and escape from animal enemies by rolling. Where nutrients are washed away, plants turn into hunters of animals, laying traps and even counting to ensure their success.
In this episode we explore those watery worlds with David Attenborough, from Croatia to Brazil, from Colombia to Thailand, the brilliantly coloured flowers smother lakes, and in one magical river in Brazil, the water bubbles like champagne as plants create the atmosphere itself.
Series: The Green Planet

Planet Earth II Grasslands

   2016    Nature    HD
Grasslands cover one quarter of all land and support the vast gatherings of wildlife, but to survive here animals must endure the most hostile seasonal changes on the planet. From Asia's bizarre-looking Saiga antelope to the giant anteaters of Brazil, grassland animals have adapted in extraordinary ways to cope with these extremes. In the flooded Okavango, lions take on formidable buffalo in epic battles, on the savannah bee-eaters take advantage of elephants to help catch insects and, on the freezing northern tundra, caribou embark on great migrations shadowed by hungry Arctic wolves.
Series: Planet Earth II

Jaguar Jungle

   2020    Nature
A jaguar fights to keep his river home in Brazil as the night brings both challenges and opportunities to hunt. Evening is falling in the world's greatest tropical wetland, Brazil's Pantanal. A stronghold for South America's most secretive big cat, the jaguar. And enjoying the last warmth of the day is a male known as Juru. At six years old and weighing over 100 kilos, he's amongst the largest, most powerful big cats in the Americas. This prime stretch of river has been his territory for two years. But tonight Juru's reign hangs in the balance. In a recent fight with a rival male, he badly injured his paw. It's left him weak and hungry. The coming days and nights will test him more than ever before. He'll need to summon the strength to defend his river.
Series: Earth at Night in Color

Senna 2of2

   2010    History
Privately, he was humble, almost shy, and fiercely patriotic, donating millions to his native Brazil and contemplating a life beyond motor-racing. Yet he is struck down in his prime on the blackest weekend in the history of the sport, watched live on television by 300 million people. Years on he is revered in Formula One as the greatest motor racing driver of all time - and in Brazil as a Saint.
Series: Senna
Mind Field

Mind Field

2019  Medicine
Life on Our Planet

Life on Our Planet

2023  Science
Planet Earth

Planet Earth

2007  Nature
Art of Spain

Art of Spain

2008  Art