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Clarkson Farm Season 2


Clarkson Farm 2: Surviving

   2023    Nature
Another year in the life of Diddly Squat Farm, run by Jeremy Clarkson, Britain's best-known but least-qualified amateur farmer. Season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm promises to be even better than the first as Clarkson and his rag tag group combat the public, the council, and the government.
In the first episode, Clarkson attempts to diversify his farm's revenue sources (having made only £144 in the previous year) in an effort to increase his profits. He decides that his primary way of doing this will be a new herd of cows and promptly purchases several of the animals. However, the timing of when they will bring in money and the necessity of building an enclosure for them causes problems for Jeremy and Charlie. Meanwhile, inspired by the success of the farm shop, Clarkson has the idea to open a restaurant in the abandoned lambing barn to sell his beef and lamb, but he must deal with the cost of converting the barn and getting approval from the local council.


   2023    Nature
Clarkson's herd of cows begins to settle in on the farm, but things immediately begin to go awry. The cows aren't keen on the idea of a fence and quickly escape, and when Clarkson attempts to wean the calves, they too break out and cause chaos. In addition, the new roosters brought in to help fertilize the soil also prove to be difficult to handle.


   2023    Nature
Clarkson is ready to submit his application for his farm restaurant; he must use gentle navigation and respect for bureaucracy in order to keep his interests afloat. This, of course, is not easy for Jeremy, so he must be careful. Faced with Council powers that be, Jeremy uses two of his greatest skills: diplomacy and respect for red tape.


   2023    Nature
Jeremy comes face to face with his nemesis: the badger. Clarkson is informed by Charlie that his cows are in danger of contracting Bovine Tuberculosis from the badgers on the farm. He decides to resolve the issue by killing the creatures but is informed that this is illegal in most cases. Faced with a danger to his herd, Clarkson must hope for the best.


   2023    Nature
The results of the TB test are in... but just as important is the fact that numerous calves are scheduled to be born in the next couple of weeks. The first few happen very quickly in the dead of night before Jeremy's woken up, but soon he and Kaleb are dealing with some very challenging situations. Jeremy also meets local farmers to discuss a farmers' co-operative to supply the restaurant - much-needed by some who are really struggling - because the clock is counting down to Decision Day, when the Council will hold a public meeting to decide the fate of Jeremy's restaurant.
After weeks of waiting, the day of judgement for Clarkson's restaurant is at last here. He and Charlie set off to put their case to the powers that be. Is it a Yes? Or is it a No?