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Love on the Spectrum U.S. S2E7

   2024    Culture
This engaging and heartfelt series explores the nuanced world of individuals on the autism spectrum as they navigate the complex terrain of romantic relationships. From awkward first dates to the thrill of a first kiss, the film delicately balances the universal quest for love with the unique perspectives and experiences of its subjects. Conversations that touch on topics like sex before marriage, the importance of consent, and the struggle to meet societal expectations provide a candid look into the emotional and often misunderstood aspects of autism and dating. This poignant documentary not only sheds light on the joys and obstacles faced by those on the spectrum but also celebrates the diversity of human connection, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking to understand the depth of the human heart.
In this episode, Dani gives kissing lessons using a sweet treat. During a doggy playdate, Connor takes a big step with Emily. In Africa, Abbey and David feel the love.
Series: Love on the Spectrum U.S.

The Legacy

   2023    History
In the closing episode of the series, the legendary supermodels, Cindy, Linda, Christy, and Naomi, reflect on their enduring careers and personal journeys. As they face various life changes, these remarkable women step into new roles as entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and mothers, showcasing their versatility and resilience. Amid these transitions, they uncover a newfound power in the aging process, demonstrating that growing older can be an enriching experience. Their collective journey serves as a testament to the enduring strength and impact of these iconic figures in the world of fashion and beyond.
Throughout their careers, these supermodels have not only defined an era but also evolved into multifaceted individuals who continue to inspire and make a difference in the world. This final chapter underscores their enduring legacy and the profound influence they've had, emphasizing that age is not a limitation but a source of empowerment and wisdom.
Series: The Super Models

Our Infinite Universe

   2022    Science
This entertaining and engaging, high quality documentary film explores one of the most significant unanswered questions of our time 'Does infinity exist?' and if so, what are the implications of an infinite universe. If our universe is infinite, then what is the likelihood of other life? Could there be other civilizations just like ours or is it possible that we are the only intelligent life anywhere in our vast and likely infinite universe? Conversations with leading thinkers from multiple disciplines reveal the latest in scientific research, in this engaging and visually stunning film.

Seasonal Worlds

   2022    Nature
Will explore the strategy, deception and feats of engineering plants use to thrive in the changing weather of different seasons. In the face of conditions ranging from ice and snow to raging fires, survival is often a question of perfect timing - particularly when contending with intense competition and surprising predators.
In this episode, David Attenborough travels to Finland to show one of the most extreme examples of seasonal plant life in the Arctic Circle. He also travels to California to see how climate change is affecting giant sequoias. These ancient trees like all other seasonal plants depend on the predictability of the seasons and our current changing climate threatens their survival.
Series: The Green Planet

The Whistleblower

   2022    Technology
In the third episode, during cleanup at the plant, insiders claim that cost-cutting measures and intimidation tactics create a danger war force than the accident itself.
Several state and federal government agencies mounted investigations into the crisis, the most prominent of which was the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island, headed by chairman John G. Kemeny. The investigation strongly criticized Babcock & Wilcox, Met Ed, Graphics processing unit, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for lapses in quality assurance and maintenance, inadequate operator training, lack of communication of important safety information, poor management, and complacency.
Kemeny said that the procedures and that the control room were greatly inadequate for managing an accident.
Series: Meltdown: Three Mile Island

God Forbid

   2022    History
In this revealing documentary, Giancarlo Granda, former pool attendant at the Fontainebleau Hotel, shares the intimate details of his 7-year relationship with a charming older woman, Becki Falwell, and her husband, the Evangelical Trump stalwart Jerry Falwell Jr. Directed by Billy Corben, the film outlines Granda's entanglement with the Falwell's seemingly perfect lives and the overarching influence this affair had on a presidential election.
The life of Jerry Falwell — the late Moral Majority televangelist who for decades helped catalyze the rightward shift of American evangelicals before his death in 2007 — is a quintessentially American story. But it’s in the next generation that the Falwell narrative becomes at once soap opera and morality tale. The film covers the graceless fall of Jerry Falwell Jr., who after the death of his father was placed in the presidency of the family’s conservative organ Liberty University. There, he seemed to remain painfully in thrall to his appetites. We hear testimony about his alleged tendency to drink on the job and discomfiting, slurry interviews between him and sympathetic media — but most crucially, we receive the testimony of Giancarlo Granda.
Granda was a pool attendant at a Miami hotel when he met Falwell and his wife, Becki, in 2012. Today, he alleges that he was persuaded to have sex with Becki while Falwell watched, and that the pair engaged in an ongoing campaign of communication with him that could be described as coercive. His energies were consumed with managing their tempers and occasionally threatening behavior, and he blames the swirl of scandal around them for derailing his professional future. Plainspoken and only occasionally visibly emotional, Granda is his own best advocate as he describes a couple who, he says, craved his body and were willing to discard the rest of him.
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