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The Next Generation

   2023    Nature
Some animals give their young the best start in life by making truly astonishing journeys. And it's not only where they go that's important but when. Left to fend for themselves until they find their footing, baby sea turtles, elephant seal pups, pumas and crabs bravely trek towards adolescence.
Series: Our Planet Season 2

Inheriting the Earth

   2023    Science
The seventh episode of the series takes us on an epic journey to discover the extraordinary dynasty of mammals. From their humble origins in the Jurassic forests to their dominance in the modern world, mammals have evolved and survived through cataclysmic events and drastic environmental changes. From the small coati in the jungle to the majestic Megacerops, passing through the elusive snow leopard in the Himalayas and the gigantic marine mammals like whales, the documentary illustrates the adaptability and diversity of these incredible beings.
With stunning images and masterful narration, the documentary is a window to the resilience and beauty of life on Earth, celebrating the tenacity and ingenuity of mammals throughout the ages.
Series: Life on Our Planet

Frozen Peaks

   2022    Nature
Mountains create frozen habitats on every continent on Earth, and each of these high-altitude worlds holds unique challenges for its surprising and remarkable life.
We begin our journey close to the equator - the furthest point from the poles - in East Africa. Here on the high slopes of Mount Kenya, during the day the tropical sun keeps the cold at bay, but at night the frost descends. During this cycle of freeze and thaw, a pregnant high-casqued chameleon must choose the right time to give birth if her newborns are to escape the deadly night freeze.
Away from the equator in the European Alps, long cold winters give way to short, bountiful summers. For a pair of golden eagles raising their chick, the demand to provide enough food for it drives them to tackle prey five times their size. To catch a goat-like chamois, they risk it all using one of the most daring and breathtaking hunting techniques ever witnessed.
The mountains of Japan are the snowiest place on Earth, providing hostile conditions for a lone male macaque cast away from his troop. His only chance of survival comes with finding another male whose embrace will provide him with life-saving warmth. But in the frozen peaks, the deadliest force is an avalanche whose full destructive power is captured for the first time using high-speed camera racer drones.
The roof of the world is home to an array of unexpected cold-loving creatures. In the remote Southern Alps of New Zealand, a species of parrot - the kea - uses its famed intelligence to feed on the dead. And in the Andes in South America, flamingos thrive in high-altitude volcanic lakes, but their chicks must race to escape the winter freeze or risk becoming trapped in the ice.
Today, due to climate change, our frozen peaks are undergoing rapid change. Using groundbreaking time-lapse photography, we reveal mountain glaciers vanishing before our very eyes and discover what a warming world may mean for our most famous mountain resident of all, the giant panda.
Series: Frozen Planet II

Super/Natural: Rivals

   2022    Nature
We may be smart, but we're still discovering animals have countless skills, every bit as impressive. In a world full of unexpected foes, competition is evolution's ultimate driving force. Is the secret behind the incredible diversity of life on earth, and the most extraordinary animal powers.
Series: Super/Natural

Alaska: Last American Frontier

   2021    Nature
In Southeast Alaska, there's an ice-bound Eden that harbors possibly the richest temperate rainforests of all. Where the coastal mountains meet the Pacific, lays the Alexander Archipelago, a remote island chain running for almost 300 miles along the Alaskan Panhandle. This frozen frontier is one of the last great wildernesses of North America. And a stronghold for the country's highest diversity of megafauna, feasting on the abundance of fleeting summers to make it through relentless winters.
Series: Eden: Untamed Planet


   2019    Nature    HD
The last episode examines the fragile interdependence that exists between forests' wide variety of residents, including bald eagles, hunting dogs and Siberian tigers.
Over half of all the world's trees, evergreen and deciduous, stand in great assemblies. For many of us, they are places of mystery and darkness. They are key to our climate, and home to countless unique species. The boreal forest contains 750 billion trees, and it stores over 40 percent of the world's carbon, making it a vital element in the fight against climate change. In the past, we have destroyed them without hesitation. Yet, forests do have an astonishing ability to recover. If we choose to give forests time and space, they could reclothe the earth with much of the rich and varied communities of animals and plants of which we have, so recently, robbed it. A future with more forests is key to the resilience of our planet.
Series: Our Planet
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