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A Murder in D.C.

   2022    Culture
In the second episode, the murder of a political staffer in 2016 spawns a myriad of unfounded conspiracy theories as the man's family and the truth hang in the balance.
Following Seth Rich's murder, his parents filed a lawsuit with Fox News after conspiracy theories about his murder spread across the internet. Mary Rich told NPR that the combined trauma of her son's death and the attacks by conspiracy theorists caused intense and lasting distrust. After the case was resolved, Rich's parents said in a statement at the time that they were 'pleased with the resolution of this matter and sincerely hope that the media will take genuine precautions in the future'.
Series: Web of Make Believe: Death Lies and the Internet

Hindenburg: The Cover Up

   2022    Technology
This featured film sheds new light on a possible cover up spanning two continents. It's not only a tale about the airship's demise, but sinister secrets including ties to the Nazi party. Plus rarely seen footage of crash from inside the ship.


   2021    Nature
Filmmaker Ali Tabrizi initially set out to celebrate his beloved ocean, but instead found himself examining the harm that humans inflict upon the vulnerable seas. From plastics and fishing gear polluting the waters, to the irreparable damage of bottom trawling and by-catch, to illegal fishing and devastating hunting practices, humanity is wreaking havoc on marine life and, by extension, the entire planet. What Tabrizi ultimately uncovered not only challenges notions of sustainable fishing but will shock anyone who cares about the wonders of ocean life, as well as the future of the planet and our place on it.
From the co-creator who brought you the groundbreaking documentary Cowspiracy comes Seaspiracy, a follow up that illuminates alarming -- and not widely known -- truths about the widespread environmental destruction to our oceans caused by human behavior.

Deal or No Deal

   2021    History
The Pirate Republic of Nassau gets fat attacking trade between Britain and the Americas. But its foundations are rocked by the death of the most successful pirate who ever lived, Black Sam Bellamy, washed up on a New England beach. But Edward Thatch reinvents himself and becomes the most devilish pirate of all, Blackbeard. Woodes Rogers' campaign begins with the offer of a pardon, which Hornigold and Jennings accept; but not all Nassau pirates agree.
Series: The Lost Pirate Kingdom

Dead or Alive

   2021    History
The Caribbean is home to a notorious band of British pirates called the Flying Gang. They plunder merchant ships, sailing from the Americas to Europe and Africa. England's King George I has had enough, so he comes up with a shock tactic to end piracy. It's an offer from the King, a pardon, clemency for those who turn their backs on piracy. Those who refuse will be hunted down and hanged. Two pirates, Blackbeard and Charles Vane stand the King's man, Woodes Rogers. Who will win the final battle?
Series: The Lost Pirate Kingdom

The Anti-Vax Conspiracy

   2021    Culture
A powerful movement is exploiting our fears, persuading some to believe the vaccine was designed to control or even kill us. Who are the people behind the international anti-Covid-vaccine movement and why are they doing it? In the anti-vax movement - where is the money? The money comes from a small but very well-heeled network of donors and philanthropists who fund anybody reinforcing their opinions.
The film is a journey inside the astonishing world of the anti-vaxxers.