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The Moons of Saturn

   2023    Science
The magnificent ringed planet Saturn, along with its more than 80 moons, forms the most dynamic planetary system in our neighborhood. With underground oceans and protective magnetic fields, experts are exploring how this collective of satellites has the potential to rewrite the rules of the Solar System.
The closer that we look, the more we see these extraordinary moons like worlds of their own -- so dynamic, so Earth-like. Almost a billion miles from the Sun, these icy worlds could be home for Life 2.0. The moons of Saturn offer possibly the best chance of finding extraterrestrial life in our solar system. With each new mission, we get closer to unraveling the mysteries of Saturn's moons.
Series: How the Universe Works Season 11

Arnold Part 3: American

   2023    History
The last episode takes viewers on a journey through Arnold Schwarzenegger's later venture into politics as the Governor of California, highlighting the challenges he faced in his remarkable journey to the state's highest office. Once Governor, he grappled with complex issues, including a budget crisis and political opposition. The film provides an intimate look at the trials and tribulations Arnold confronted during his political tenure, highlighting his determination to overcome obstacles and make a lasting impact on the state. Moreover, the documentary underscores how Arnold utilized his platform to advocate for truth and unity, especially during critical moments in American history.
The film is a riveting look at the life of a living legend who continues to defy expectations and promote a message of unity, love, and perseverance, emphasizing the need to speak out against misinformation and extremism. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a legendary figure, demonstrates his powerful influence to inspire positive change in the world. This documentary serves as a moving testament to an extraordinary life worth exploring.
Series: Arnold

The Devil on Trial

   2023    History
This documentary takes you deep into a case that is as controversial as it is shocking. At the center of it all are the Warrens, a renowned pair of paranormal investigators. Prepare to uncover the spine-chilling story of a family besieged by malevolent forces, culminating in an alleged possession and a shocking murder. Through a riveting blend of reenactments and personal footage, witness the apparent possession of a young boy and the gruesome murder that follows. Experience the unprecedented legal defense that hinges on 'demonic possession' in a U.S. murder trial. Listen to firsthand accounts of this alleged infernal influence.
This gripping film offers a unique perspective, blurring the lines between the supernatural and the human psyche, and challenges your understanding of the unexplained.

The First Frontier

   2023    Science
The second episode of the series immerses the viewer in a fascinating journey through the history of life on our planet, focusing on the evolution and adaptation of life in the seas. It begins billions of years ago, when the Earth was an inhospitable place and life was impossible on the surface due to a hostile environment. The documentary highlights how, beneath the waves, life began to flourish, protected from storms and other elements of nature. It addresses the development of photosynthesis by plankton and how this led to a significant change in the Earth's atmosphere, allowing the emergence of animal life.
This visually stunning narrative chronicles the evolution of various forms of marine life, from the earliest complex life forms to the appearance of the first fish and cephalopods. The documentary shows how marine life has influenced terrestrial life, emphasizing the impact of the 'greening' of planet Earth.
Series: Life on Our Planet

Invaders of the Land

   2023    Science
The third episode of the series is a visually stunning journey, from the earliest lichens and microplants to the imposing dinosaurs and the diversity of life forms we know today. Key moments in Earth's history are highlighted, such as the appearance of arthropods, the development of terrestrial flora and fauna, and the mass extinctions that have reshaped ecosystems.
The documentary not only shows the resilience and adaptability of life on our planet but also highlights the fragility of our ecosystem and the crucial importance of preserving biodiversity for the future of Earth. This documentary is a celebration of life in all its forms and a powerful reminder of our role in protecting this incredibly diverse and dynamic world.
Series: Life on Our Planet

Get Gotti Second Episode

   2023    History
Dive into the gripping world of organized crime with the enthralling documentary series focusing on John Gotti, a name synonymous with the Gambino crime family. In this second installment, viewers are transported into the shadowy corners of mob life, exploring the brutal enforcement of mafia rules and the dire consequences of betrayal. Highlighting a chilling assignment carried out in Florida, the documentary captures the ruthlessness embedded within the mafia's code, where personal lives intertwine dangerously with business, leading to violent outcomes.
The episode also provides a fascinating look into the pivotal legal battles that defined Gotti's reign as a mafia boss. Witness the intense courtroom drama involving Diane Giacalone, the tenacious assistant U.S. Attorney, who took on Gotti and his associates in a high-stakes trial. Despite her efforts, the complexities of prosecuting organized crime come to the forefront, showcasing the challenges faced by law enforcement in penetrating the secretive and loyal underworld. This documentary is a must-watch for those intrigued by true crime and the intricate dance of cunning and law that shapes the world of organized crime.
Series: Get Gotti