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The Origin of Life

   2024    Science    HD
The film, marking our first own production, embarks on an awe-inspiring journey, shedding light on one of science's most profound questions: How did life emerge from the non-living? With a focus on the intricate mechanisms that may have transformed simple molecules into the first microorganisms, this film explores the concept of a chemical evolution that meticulously selected increasingly complex molecules, eventually leading to the genesis of life. By delving into the pivotal role of RNA, viewers are invited to contemplate the plausibility of life spontaneously arising from the basic elements of the universe.
The documentary meticulously illustrates a potential pathway for the emergence of life, emphasizing the significance of ribozymes—RNA molecules with catalytic abilities—and their role in a prebiotic chemical evolution. The film posits a compelling argument for the natural processes that might have led to the formation of the first complex lipid vesicles, a critical step towards cellular life. By presenting a theory that bridges gaps in our understanding with scientific ingenuity, ‘The Origin of Life’ invites viewers on an intellectual adventure to discover the origins of existence itself.
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Nuclear Armageddon: How Close Are We

   2024    Culture
With the Doomsday Clock the closest it's ever been to midnight, Jane Corbin investigates the proliferation of nuclear weapons across the globe. She visits Los Alamos, home to the United States’ nuclear weapons development facility and the historic home of Oppenheimer’s Manhattan Project.
In Scotland, she reveals the strategy behind Britain’s nuclear deterrent, and speaks to campaigners in Suffolk fighting against US weapons they fear will be based on UK soil. Jane also discovers how many of the global agreements and safeguards that have constrained the spread of nuclear weapons since the 1970s are breaking down.
This is a story told by the scientists, investigators and diplomats who set the clock and have fought to ensure that the ultimate deterrent has not been used in over 70 years.

The Greatest Night in Pop

   2024    Art
On January 25th, 1985, dozens of the era's most popular musicians gathered in Los Angeles to record a charity single for African famine relief. Setting egos aside, they collaborated on a song that would make history. The documentary transports viewers back to the recording of ‘We Are the World,’ capturing a seminal moment in music with gripping detail and emotion. Through an intimate lens, the film chronicles the night when some of the biggest names in the music industry united for a cause greater than themselves.
With exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, candid interviews with the artists involved, and insights from music historians, the documentary reveals the challenges, camaraderie, and sheer talent that converged to make the recording session an unparalleled event in pop culture, making it a poignant reminder of the power of art to effect change.

Love on the Spectrum U.S. S2E7

   2024    Culture
This engaging and heartfelt series explores the nuanced world of individuals on the autism spectrum as they navigate the complex terrain of romantic relationships. From awkward first dates to the thrill of a first kiss, the film delicately balances the universal quest for love with the unique perspectives and experiences of its subjects. Conversations that touch on topics like sex before marriage, the importance of consent, and the struggle to meet societal expectations provide a candid look into the emotional and often misunderstood aspects of autism and dating. This poignant documentary not only sheds light on the joys and obstacles faced by those on the spectrum but also celebrates the diversity of human connection, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking to understand the depth of the human heart.
In this episode, Dani gives kissing lessons using a sweet treat. During a doggy playdate, Connor takes a big step with Emily. In Africa, Abbey and David feel the love.
Series: Love on the Spectrum U.S.

The Bloody Hundredth

   2024    History
The film recounts the story of the 100th Bomb Group during World War II and follows bomber crews on dangerous missions to destroy targets inside German-occupied Europe. The Documentary honors the heroes of the Group and portrays the intensity of war, the dangers that the airmen face, and the friendships and relationships that develop. This unit from the Eighth Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress suffered tremendous losses in combat, with 177 aircraft missing in action, flying its last mission on 20 April 1945.
Meet the airmen who inspired the tv series 'Masters of the Air' as they share the harrowing and transformative events of the 100th Bomb Group. The interviews with the real-life heroes are revealing, and the wealth of newsreel footage compiled in the documentary is utilized with a sharp eye for detail.

Ed Sheeran: Release

   2023    History
Episode 4 rounds everything out while simultaneously focusing on his career and the next steps. After a performance tribute to Jamal, Ed and Cherry get good news and reflect on a turbulent year.
Series: Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All
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