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   2023    Nature
Jeremy's restaurant opens in a matter of days, but it's all on the QT. Jeremy does not want the council to find out until just before it opens. Which is why Jeremy and Kaleb are laying pipes for water and electrics across a field in the dead of night. Pepper the heifer is still very much alive and is enjoying the company of Break Heart Maestro a lot.
Two days until Restaurant Opening Day, Jeremy informs the council and it's game on: Alan and his team of builders work at full throttle, Pip and her team of chefs do too, and the blend of excitement and panic is affecting everyone. The day itself arrives. Will the Diddly Squat Farm Restaurant sink or swim? Or will the council shut it down before the first steak hits the grill?
Series: Clarkson Farm Season 2

You Cannot Interview A Corpse

   2023    History
Following their identification, the Tsarnaev brothers killed an MIT policeman, then kidnapped a man in his car. They had a shootout with the police in nearby Watertown, during which two officers were severely injured (one of whom, Dennis Simmonds, died a year later). Tamerlan was shot several times, and his brother Dzhokhar ran him over while escaping in the stolen car. Tamerlan died soon after.
An unprecedented manhunt for Dzhokhar ensued, with thousands of law enforcement officers searching a 20-block area of Watertown. Residents of Watertown and surrounding communities were asked to stay indoors, and the transportation system and most businesses and public places closed. After a Watertown resident discovered him hiding in a boat in his backyard, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is cornered into an intense standoff. As officials navigate remaining questions and suspicions, the city emerges Boston Strong.
Series: American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing

Take Care of Maya

   2023    Culture
When nine-year-old Maya Kowalski was admitted to Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in 2016, nothing could have prepared her or her family for what they were about to go through. As the medical team tried to understand her rare illness, they began to question the basic truths that bound the Kowalskis together. Suddenly, Maya was in state custody despite two parents who were desperate to bring their daughter home. The story of the Kowalski family as told in their own words will change the way you look at children's healthcare forever.
'Take Care of Maya' delves into the harrowing narrative of a family navigating the treacherous waters of the U.S. parental rights. The storyline underscores the agonizing journey of parents who find themselves battling against seemingly insurmountable odds to reclaim their child. As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that the issues they face are deeply entrenched in the ethical and moral dilemmas of the U.S. system. The narrative hints at potential flaws in the healthcare or judicial sectors that further complicate their fight for justice. Throughout, the audience is exposed to raw emotions, moments of despair, confrontation, and an unwavering spirit of resilience.

Growing Pains

   2022    Culture
They have the raw talent, but can they handle the pressure? Now Yuki Tsunoda and Esteban Ocon must sink or swim in the rough waters of Formula 1. Yuki Tsunoda had to move from Tokyo to Milton Keynes and F1 cars are proving a bit more difficult to wield than the F2 machine in which he won races. Esteban Ocon is part of the all-French attack (from Enstone) in the shape of Alpine, soaking up the pressure to win the Hungarian GP.
Series: Formula 1 Season four

Chernobyl: The New Evidence

   2022    Culture
A catastrophe still reverberating today with Chernobyl on the front line of war. Formerly secret KGB files reveal the astonishing truth about the 1986 explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine, with leading experts and eyewitness accounts.
Newly declassified evidence from KGB archives reveals that the KGB had concerns about the safety of the Chernobyl nuclear plant even as it was being built. The film includes first-hand accounts from survivors, including Oleksiy Ananenko, who braved radioactive waters to prevent a second explosion, and Maryna Sivets, whose unborn child's life was put at risk.

Water Worlds

   2022    Nature
Water plants create some of the most beautiful, bizarre and important habitats on earth. To hold on in torrents, plants use a kind of superglue. Some are armed with vicious weapons to fight titanic battles for space. Others form perfect spheres and escape from animal enemies by rolling. Where nutrients are washed away, plants turn into hunters of animals, laying traps and even counting to ensure their success.
In this episode we explore those watery worlds with David Attenborough, from Croatia to Brazil, from Colombia to Thailand, the brilliantly coloured flowers smother lakes, and in one magical river in Brazil, the water bubbles like champagne as plants create the atmosphere itself.
Series: The Green Planet
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