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The Suspects

   2017    Culture
Lil Hughes Knipp recalls meeting Father Maskell near his end... and knowing that he would never be charged. The search for Brother Bob and a potential killer begins, and the revelation of a potential suspect named Edgar Davidson comes forward with an interesting story.
With more people coming forward, more suspects appear including a man named Billy Schmidt who lived in Cathy’s apartment. A contact from one of Cathy’s sisters could give new insight on the case.
Series: The Keepers

The Conclusion

   2017    Culture
Charles Franz talks about his relationship with Father Maskell as a young student and reveals what he knows about the Church’s involvement with Maskell. Cathy’s sister sees the necklace given by Edgar Davidson and questions if it has significance.
Potential DNA and evidence could exist for the crime, and the police might be forced to act. A push for victims’ rights in Maryland goes to a committee but getting justice might be more difficult... and time doesn’t stand still for anyone.
Series: The Keepers

The Fielder Method

   2022    Culture
To recruit actors for his rehearsals, Nathan opens an acting studio in Los Angeles, teaching 'the Fielder Method', which involves covertly observing and imitating unaware subjects. Feeling insecure about his own performance, Nathan reenacts the class with actors and a fake Nathan as the teacher while the real Nathan plays the role of Thomas, a student. Nathan makes his students immerse themselves in other people's lives while he immerses himself in Thomas's life, even living in Thomas's home.
Nathan returns to Oregon, where his 'son', Adam, is now a teenager. Nathan and Joshua, the actor playing Adam, decide that Adam should lash out due to resentment of his absentee father and develop a drug problem, a situation that mirrors Angela's own past. Adam suffers an overdose and is tended to by emergency responders played by Thomas and another Fielder Method graduate. After he runs away from home, the 15-year-old Adam reverts to a 6-year-old since Nathan plans to relive his son's earlier years.
Series: The Rehearsal


   2022    History
Vlad Dracula was somewhat successful in having the upper hand during the first five-hour fight in the night attack; however, Mehmed’s army won the battle because of their strength and numbers. Vlad could not kill Mehmed II and fled the scene. After the battle, Mehmed and his army enter Târgoviște which was abandoned by Vlad Dracula. But when he entered the city, Mehmed saw a horrific scene. Muslims were impaled by Vlad in Târgoviște, and there was a ‘forest of corpses.’ In history, this is considered a sad event for the Turks. The experts said that when Mehmed saw these impaled bodies, he immediately started praying. One of the dead bodies was of his father in law Hamza Bay.
Days before, Mara and Gülbahar foiled the Wallachian plot inside the sultan’s harem. Radu Dracula takes the throne in Wallachia on Mehmed II’s orders. Radu Dracula promises his loyalty to the sultan, and Mehmed gives 2,000 men to him. We see a restless king Mehmed II back in Istanbul, because he was not successful in killing Vlad Dracula. However, after 15 years, Vlad’s head is brought to Istanbul by one of Mehmed’s soldiers at the end of the last episode of the series.
Series: Rise of Empires 2: Mehmed vs Vlad

Like Father Like Son

   2023    Culture
In his second year in the team, Haas driver Mick Schumacher faces a lot of pressure, which is not helped by a lot of expectations from being a Formula Two World Champion and being the son of a seven-time World Champion. The paddock travels to the Jeddah Corniche Circuit for the second running of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix; as qualification for the race begins, Mick's run grinds to a halt when he suffers a big crash, ruling him out of the race due to the damage sustained to his car. Schumacher continues to struggle after Saudi; in Miami, Schumacher, in ninth place, collides with Sebastian Vettel, taking both drivers out of the race; he starts his Monaco run at the back of the field, only to lose it coming into the swimming pool section and splitting his car in half in the ensuing crash.
By the time the paddock has traveled to Baku, Magnussen has led the championship for the Haas team with 15 points against Schumacher's 0, and faces a lot of pressure over his future in the team. Schumacher starts the race in last place, while Magnussen rises up the field. However, Magnussen's race is stopped due to an engine issue, leaving Haas' chance for points in the hands of a slow-running Schumacher. Indeed, Schumacher is running very slowly to the point he is lapped by the leading Verstappen. Away from the track, Schumacher trains with his personal trainer, convinced he can still score points.
At Silverstone, Schumacher starts at the back of the grid, but the session is red-flagged due to a big crash for Zhou Guanyu, which the Haas drivers manage to avoid. Schumacher and Magnussen are due to start 16th and 14th, respectively. Schumacher pushes through the field - and with an overtake on Ricciardo, a DRS-assisted overtake on Vettel - and ultimately Verstappen, he ultimately manages to finish eighth - his first points in Formula One, sending the Haas pit wall into a celebration; Vettel and Verstappen also congratulate Schumacher for his efforts during the race. However, despite his efforts in the race, Mick's seat in the Haas team remains open.
Series: Formula 1 Season 5

The Price of Trust

   2023    History
In the final episode, we hear how employees on the 17th floor were rewarded, and we see Madoff's $65 billion Ponzi scheme quickly collapses as investors begin to withdraw their money during the 2008 Financial Crisis. We see how Madoff's sons attempt to stop their father from writing bonus cheques for long-time investors, faithful employees, and extended family to help cushion the blow. Madoff confesses to the Ponzi scheme, and the FBI arrests him.
After pleading guilty, Madoff is sentenced to 150 years in prison. Two years after learning of the Ponzi scheme, his eldest son Mark is found hanging from a pipe, dead of an apparent suicide. His other son dies of lymphoma six years later.
Series: Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street
Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Country

2018  Culture
Earth at Night in Color

Earth at Night in Color

2020  Nature
The Last Dance

The Last Dance

2020  Culture
Leaving Neverland

Leaving Neverland

2019  Culture