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Battle of Midway

   2020    History
In the aftermath of Japan’s devastating attack on the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Imperial Navy moves in for a knockout blow. A surprise attack against the island of Midway is planned to draw the remaining American aircraft carriers out for a decisive battle. Admiral Yamamoto devises a meticulous plan. But the attack is in the hands of his by-the-book Admiral, Nogumo. When a genius American code-breaker unearths their plans – the Japanese attack is thrown into chaos.
Series: Greatest Events of WWII in Colour

Samurai Massacre

The unearthing of a gruesome grave filled with thousands of skeletons at the beach of Kamakura in Japan could be about to unlock the true extent of the merciless violence and mystery surrounding the true origins of one of the most feared and revered warriors of all time: the Samurai.
In the Middle Ages, Kamakura was the capital of Japan. The 'Shogun', a kind of aristocratic military dictator, ruled here. This shogunate ended in 1333 with the Battle of Kamakura. A drastic event in Japanese history, because this resulted in not only political, but also social, philosophical and technical innovations. The remains of the samurai warriors who fell near Kamakura now provide scientists with detailed insights into the time of the Kamakura shogunate and the bloody conflict between the shogun and the emperor.
The chilling burial ground dates back to 1333. Kamakura was one of the most heavily fortified regions of Japan. When the Emperor became angered by the growing powers of the ruling Hojo family, he sought to retake control of the region, setting the stage for a war that would change the shape of the nation. Among over 4000 sets of remains, six have a unique story to tell: the husband and wife involved in a sword fight to the death; the warrior monk; a peasant boy soldier; and members of the ruling Hojo family, captured and decapitated, with their heads displayed as trophies of victory. These remains reveal the secrets of the Samurai, their ferocious fighting skills and their merciless killing techniques.
Series: Warrior Graveyard

Frozen Peaks

   2022    Nature
Mountains create frozen habitats on every continent on Earth, and each of these high-altitude worlds holds unique challenges for its surprising and remarkable life.
We begin our journey close to the equator - the furthest point from the poles - in East Africa. Here on the high slopes of Mount Kenya, during the day the tropical sun keeps the cold at bay, but at night the frost descends. During this cycle of freeze and thaw, a pregnant high-casqued chameleon must choose the right time to give birth if her newborns are to escape the deadly night freeze.
Away from the equator in the European Alps, long cold winters give way to short, bountiful summers. For a pair of golden eagles raising their chick, the demand to provide enough food for it drives them to tackle prey five times their size. To catch a goat-like chamois, they risk it all using one of the most daring and breathtaking hunting techniques ever witnessed.
The mountains of Japan are the snowiest place on Earth, providing hostile conditions for a lone male macaque cast away from his troop. His only chance of survival comes with finding another male whose embrace will provide him with life-saving warmth. But in the frozen peaks, the deadliest force is an avalanche whose full destructive power is captured for the first time using high-speed camera racer drones.
The roof of the world is home to an array of unexpected cold-loving creatures. In the remote Southern Alps of New Zealand, a species of parrot - the kea - uses its famed intelligence to feed on the dead. And in the Andes in South America, flamingos thrive in high-altitude volcanic lakes, but their chicks must race to escape the winter freeze or risk becoming trapped in the ice.
Today, due to climate change, our frozen peaks are undergoing rapid change. Using groundbreaking time-lapse photography, we reveal mountain glaciers vanishing before our very eyes and discover what a warming world may mean for our most famous mountain resident of all, the giant panda.
Series: Frozen Planet II

FIFA Uncovered: Third Episode

   2022    Culture
(Click CC for subtitles) Following Russia and Qatar's unexpected wins of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids, shifty transactions come to light, suggesting bribery and betrayal.
The desert emirate of Qatar beat out Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. President Obama says it was the wrong decision for the organizing body to pick Qatar over the US. The world was shocked that Qatar 2022 had won, but how did they win?
Series: FIFA Uncovered

Nice Guys Finish Last

   2023    Culture
As the season goes into the summer break, the effects of Oscar Piastri's refusal of his Alpine seat are still felt - and right in the line of fire is McLaren's Daniel Ricciardo, who had been struggling throughout the season. Indeed, McLaren has announced Ricciardo's retirement from the team after the season, with Piastri taking his spot. Meanwhile, Alpine are still reeling from the losses of Piastri and Alonso, but the Piastri fiasco has backed both Alpine and McLaren into a wall, with Alpine potentially taking Piastri to court and McLaren CEO Zak Brown potentially having to pay Piastri and Alpine - and given Ricciardo's near-consistent results back at Team Enstone back in the 2019 season, it remains unknown if he would return considering his decision to move to McLaren in 2021.
The Dutch round is the first ever since the announcement, and Ricciardo and Gasly, both winners of past races, are looking to perform their best. Gasly fights with Alonso in the midfield as Ricciardo, having received fresher rubber, pushes on Vettel while Alonso manages to take Gasly up. Ricciardo continues to drop down the field as both Haas drivers pass him. Gasly finishes eleventh with Ricciardo in seventeenth. By the Japan round, Alpine announces will have a new driver in Pierre Gasly for the 2023 season.
Series: Formula 1 Season 5

II Asia

   2019    Nature
Asia, the largest and most extreme continent on Earth, is home to animals that inhabit the world's hottest deserts, tallest jungles, and highest mountains. Explore the enchanting world of Asia's wildlife in a captivating film that showcases its extraordinary creatures, from the intriguing vocalizations of the Sumatran rhinoceros to the majestic whale shark. However, it also sheds light on the pressing issues of deforestation, particularly due to the palm oil industry, which threatens the survival of countless species, including the iconic orangutan. Witness the efforts of researchers and conservationists dedicated to protecting these endangered animals in reserves like Gunung Palung National Park.
This documentary serves as a poignant reminder of our shared responsibility to safeguard our planet's remarkable biodiversity. Don't miss this visually stunning and informative journey through Asia's diverse landscapes and the urgent call for conservation.
Series: Seven Worlds One Planet