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The Dark Ages

       History    HD
Join us on an unforgettable voyage through one of the most desolate periods in human history as the rulers, conflicts, and cataclysmic societal breakdown of Early Middle Ages are brought to light. At its height in the second century A.D., the Roman Empire was the beacon of learning, trade, power and prosperity in the western world. But the once-powerful Rome--rotten to the core by the fifth century--lay open to barbarian warriors who came in wave after wave of invasion, slaughtering, stealing, and ultimately, settling. As chaos replaced culture, Europe was beset by famine, plague, persecutions, and a state of war that was so persistent it was only rarely interrupted by peace.
The documentary profiles those who battled to shape the future, from the warlords whose armies threatened to case the demise of European society, like Alaric, Charles the Hammer, and Clovis; to the men and women who valiantly tended the flames of justice, knowledge, and innovation including Charlemagne, St. Benedict, Empress Theodora, and other brave souls who fought for peace and enlightenment. It was in the shadows of this turbulent millennium that the seeds of modern civilization were sown.

I Am: Celine Dion

   2024    History
Dive into the captivating world of one of pop music's most iconic and successful artists, Canada's very own Celine Dion, in this must-see documentary. Experience an intimate and revealing journey through the highs and lows of Celine's illustrious career and personal life. As she bravely opens up about her battle with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a challenging and life-altering condition, viewers are given an unprecedented glimpse into her resilience and determination to keep performing for her adoring fans.
Explore her couture wardrobe, personal tour items, and time in the recording studio, and witness the raw and honest moments that define the superstar's unyielding spirit. This documentary offers an unparalleled behind-the-scenes look at Celine Dion's inspiring fight and unwavering passion for her craft.

Secrets of the Neanderthals

   2024    History    HD
Embark on a captivating journey as a groundbreaking excavation reveals the intricate and ingenious world of Neanderthals, challenging long-held misconceptions. At the heart of this documentary lies an extraordinary find: the most impeccably preserved Neanderthal skeleton discovered in over a quarter of a century.
Dive deep into the enigmatic lives of these ancient humans, exploring the clues left behind in their fossils and uncovering the secrets of their existence and eventual disappearance. This documentary promises to change the way you perceive our ancient relatives, offering a fresh perspective on their intelligence, creativity, and the mysteries that still surround them.

Jimmy Carter: Rock and Roll President

   2020    History
This rockumentary-style presidential portrait shows how Jimmy Carter reinvigorated a post-Watergate America-with the music of the counterculture, including the Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Jimmy Buffett. Low on campaign funds and lacking in name recognition, Carter relied on support from these artists to give him a crucial boost in the Democratic primaries. Once Carter was elected, the musicians became frequent guests in the White House.

When Banana Ruled

   2017    History
The saga of a handful of conquerors who built an empire in Central America and invented the methods of one of the very first multinationals. In 19th century Central America, a few entrepreneurial cowboys built an empire that enslaved populations and corrupted governments for over 100 years. The United Fruit Company thrived on unregulated capitalism; this film tells its story and that of its pioneers who feared neither God nor Man, and managed to get away with murder. Until the 1970s, that multinational set up a monopoly by combining violence, repression, corruption, environmental destruction and a formidable marketing machine. It turned an unknown fruit into an instrument of fortune and domination, and created a business model still largely used by today’s tech giants.
Using a rich trove of archival footage and documents, including letters to and from lobbyists, telegrams, vintage ads and movie clips, and gorgeous, hand-tinted stills, 'When Banana Ruled' is a story of intrigue that touches on economics, international politics, the history of business and reveals how an array of forces conquered the world through a simple fruit.


   2024    History    HD
Step into the world of 1980s cinema with 'Brats,' a riveting documentary that delves into the iconic films starring the legendary 'Brat Pack.' Discover how movies like 'St. Elmo's Fire,' 'The Breakfast Club,' and 'Pretty in Pink' captured the raw essence of teenage angst and resonated with a generation like never before. These films didn't just become cult classics; they defined an era and left an indelible mark on pop culture. Yet, behind the glitz and glamour, the 'Brat Pack' label brought unexpected challenges and lasting effects on the careers of its young stars. Explore the highs, the lows, and the enduring legacy of these unforgettable movies and the actors who brought them to life. This is a must-watch for any film enthusiast looking to understand the profound impact of the 1980s on Hollywood and beyond.