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Solar System Special

   2023    Science
New discoveries have rewritten the history of our solar system, revealing a complex and violent story that begins with the birth of our Sun from the debris of a massive galactic collision, to its eventual fate as a lone zombie star.
It is a dramatic history of elegant beauty and extreme violence. The inner solar system was like a congested highway. Planets crossing lanes, frequent collisions. There were a lot of planets that could have made it but didn't, and we just happen to be one of the lucky ones that did. The players in our solar system's story are more tangled up than we ever imagined. Without all of these things interplaying, the Earth wouldn't have the stable environment that we have today, and life wouldn't be able to exist.
Series: How the Universe Works Season 11

Chimp Empire: Paradise

   2023    Nature
Dive into the heart of Uganda's Ngogo Forest, where a community of chimpanzees exhibits an intricate dance of politics, family ties, and territorial conflict. For a quarter-century, scientists and trackers have witnessed firsthand the chimps' evolving political dramas and familial bonds. Now, this series offers an unprecedented lens into this world, capturing the tribe's most defining moments: battles for dominance, growing offspring, budding romances, and the ever-shifting leadership. Join us for an intimate journey into the lives of the Ngogo chimps, where every day is a fight for survival and power. Don't miss this captivating look into the heart of the chimp empire.
The first episode delves into the captivating world of chimpanzees, drawing parallels with human existence. As the narrative unfolds, viewers are taken on an enlightening journey into the lives of these primates, highlighting the profound similarities and unique stories they share with humans.
Series: Chimp Empire

Chimp Empire: Others

   2023    Naturaleza
In the lush expanse of the Ngogo territory of Uganda, a chilling discovery sends ripples through the chimpanzee community: a chimp has been killed. As the investigation unfolds, it becomes clear that only one other group could be responsible for such a brazen act. As whispers of war grow louder, the Ngogo community braces itself for impending conflict. Will the Ngogo community overcome this threat? Or will the heart of their empire be torn apart? Find out in this gripping episode.
'Others' delves deep into the intricate social structures, alliances, and rivalries of our primate relatives, offering a gripping and emotional journey into the heart of the jungle. This is not just a tale of survival but a testament to the complexity of chimp society. Join us and witness the raw and untamed world of the chimp empire.
Series: Chimp Empire


   2023    Nature
The fourth episode plunges us into the heart of the jungle for an exciting story of power, politics, and survival. Days after a fierce battle with Western rivals, Jackson, the alpha male, grapples with the aftermath of his injuries. The strength of an alpha is paramount, and physical frailty can quickly translate into political vulnerability. While Jackson's allies waver, Abrams and Wilson see a golden opportunity to seize control.
As Abrams makes strategic moves against Jackson, the forest resonates with news of the ongoing power struggle, attracting the attention of external threats. Battles for leadership are perilous, with uncertain outcomes for both the reigning alpha and the ambitious challenger. This episode promises an intriguing exploration of chimpanzee society and their relentless pursuit of dominance.
Series: Chimp Empire

The Future of Longevity

   2023    Medicine
In the extraordinary final chapter, viewers are taken on a global journey to review regions renowned for their extreme longevity. From picturesque Sardinia to the serene landscapes of Okinawa and the vibrant community in Loma Linda, the film uncovers the secrets behind these remarkable Blue Zones. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the unique lifestyles and community dynamics that contribute to the residents' exceptional health and long lives, leaving viewers intrigued by the possibilities of enhancing their own well-being.
The film doesn't stop at showcasing these remarkable places; it also delves into innovative approaches to improve public health. By highlighting initiatives like Singapore's Proximity Housing Grant and the transformative Blue Zones project, the episode encourages viewers to reflect on the impact of environment and policy on individual health. Ultimately, it leaves audiences pondering how they can adapt these life-enhancing principles to enrich their own lives.
Series: Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones

Arnold Part 1: Athlete

   2023    History
Experience the remarkable career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man who lived three lifetimes – from bodybuilding champion to Hollywood icon to California governor. Delve into the captivating series 'Arnold' and witness the incredible journey of this multifaceted legend.
The first episode explores his journey from a challenging childhood in Austria to becoming a dominant force in the world of bodybuilding. Despite a problematic family environment, Arnold's inner strength and determination fueled his pursuit of excellence. He competed relentlessly, amassing an impressive 13 world bodybuilding championships, including Mr. Olympia. As Arnold's bodybuilding career reached its pinnacle, he decided to transition into acting, driven by a vision to become a star. Throughout the series, Arnold's indomitable spirit and unrelenting commitment to his aspirations serve as a testament to the remarkable journey that transformed him from an iconic bodybuilder and actor to prominent politician.
Series: Arnold
History of the World

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